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In 1972, a team of ski instructors from Borca di Cadore founded the ski school and the ski rental office. After few years, thanks to the closure of the ski facilities, the ski school moved to San Vito di Cadore, while the ski rental shop was still worked in Borca di Cadore.

A few years ago was founded the new company "NOLEGGIO SCI s.n.c. di Varettoni Arnaldo", which took over the entire rental service and the related equipment.

The new company makes some changes to the original building and renews the laboratory with modern technology for the service and repair of skis and snowboards. In the meantime, the equipment for the service work of bicycles and electric bicycles is also renewed with new generation materials.

We have been working for years with passion and competence, advising our customers as best as possible, with the aim of promoting winter and summer sports activities to families and young people in our beautiful mountains. We provide sports equipment always at the top and in perfect condition, to offer a day of relaxation, fun, but most of all in complete safety!

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Arnaldo Varettoni

Owner - Ski Instructor - Varettoni ArnaldoOwner - Ski Instructor
Rental and Laboratory Management

Arnaldo Loss

Owner - Loss ArnaldoOwner
Rental and Laboratory Management


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